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Christmas Choir

Christmas is a time when we can enjoy getting together with friends and family to celebrate the arrival of Jesus into the world. It's a time when we want to wrap up warm and spend time with people we love.  Our Christmas Choir is a pop up choir that will make space for you to connect with friends and enjoy singing together.

Singing is fun!

Singing together is a wonderfully uniting experience - when our individual voices intermingle to create something beautiful that feels more than the sum of our parts.  It's true that singing is something universal, but it's also something special to us as a bunch of Jesus followers.  When we sing together, we reflect back the love Jesus shows us and we experience something of the joy that God takes in us as his children.  


What's a 'pop up choir'?

Our Christmas Choir is a pop up choir that all are welcome to be a part of, as a grown up or as a grown up with kids.  To be a part of it, we will ask you to commit to it for a short time so that we can learn some fun music to perform, and we will be singing at two sessions on December 19th. 


In running the choir in this way, you don't have to make a long term commitment, and you can give it a go without getting drawn into something that you might not be able to sustain.   

What will it be like?

The songs we will sing will be christmas songs and our rehearsals will be fun as we learn to sing these together.  The choir will be limited to 30 adults and children are welcome too, provided that you look after them.   

It'll be run by Nathan and we will rehearse on four Saturday mornings in November and December from 9:30 - 10:45.  

Do I need previous singing experience?

Nope! No previous experience in singing is needed.  If you know what sort of range you have it would be helpful to let us know on the sign up form, but to qualify for entry all we ask is that you come with energy and willigness to give it a go.  

What about Covid?

We are able to run the choir provided that we limit numbers to no more than 30 adults (we will rehearse in a well ventilated hall that allows us to space ourselves out) and we will wear facemasks if we need to get closer together.  We will encourage people to take lateral flow tests before rehearsals so that we can protect ourselves against asymptomatic carriers of the virus.  

OK. How do I get involved?

Sorry, the choir is now closed to new starters as we're in the run up to Christmas.  Feel free to come along to our services on 19th December if you'd like to hear us sing!

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