Hazel Project


The Hazel Project was started in response to the call of God to reach out to the vulnerable homeless street community in Southampton.


We are now a small but motivated team of volunteers who serve by meeting up with people on the street regularly.  We make friends, we offer practical support, but most importantly we love people with the love the Jesus has shown us.  We aim to build long term relationships of integrity, trust, respect and consistency.  

We're always open and upfront about our faith and reliance on Jesus in our own lives and we want to share this with those that we meet.  So, we will often pray with people, as part of our everyday conversation.  

The Hazel Project continues to go from strength to strength.  We are continuing to spend time with people on the street in Southampton during a regular session on Tuesdays.  We keep seeing miraculous answers to prayer, which has been a great encouragement.  Thank you to all of you who support us, both in prayer and with finance.   

We are delighted that Healthy Vegan snacks Company BeingVeg Ltd under the Brand of Nutribinge have agreed to donate 5% of their net profit to support the work of the Hazel Project.  An exciting development - and a very much appreciated show of support from this organisation that we have been getting to know together with other local businesses.  

You can find out a bit more about the Hazel Project here

We set up The Hazel Project in the early spring 2015, as a small team of Christians wanting to help the homeless and vulnerable people on the streets of Southampton. We started with a team of two, but rapidly grew, and now there are about fifteen of us going out on the streets and praying behind the scenes too. We go out every Tuesday lunchtime and share food, drink and clothing. But our main aim is to befriend, listen to and support these hurt and lonely people whose lives are in such chaos, often driven by addictions to alcohol and drugs. We meet up and pray each month together and are in contact with the local police and the Southampton homeless prevention team who are run by Southampton City Council.

We believe that everybody should be able to have a safe place to sleep at night, and that our friends on the streets should be shown respect, care and love. We carry the message of Jesus' redemptive love, that total forgiveness is waiting for us through accepting Jesus as our...

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The Hazel Project is administered by King's Church, 414 Coxford Road, Southampton