Lake Kivu, DRC.

What is OneHeart?

Tell me more about Goma...

Goma, in the last 15 years, has been destroyed by wars and lava. Mt Nyiragongo exploded in 2002 destroying large parts of the city, whilst in 2013 Goma was captured by the M23 rebel movement. After heavy clashes, it was finally released later that year. Furthermore, the DRC has been dubbed the "rape capital" of the world and suffers from the 4th lowest GDP per capita.

What do Asdig do?

It is in the light of the above that Bishop Désiré and his wife Claudaline set up Asdig (Salutary Action for Holistic development in Goma) which runs several projects in Goma. It is a Christian organisation that seeks to bring holistic salvation to the people of Goma. It believes in spreading the healing, reconciling and hope bringing message of the Gospel. It also believes in giving people a helping hand.

Project Hope

Project 'Hope': This project was set up to help support vulnerable women (mainly rape victims), who have been ostracized by society, by teaching them tailoring skills so that they can support themselves. 500 women have completed it!
It has also set up a school that seeks to feed, educate and offer medical support to 250 orphaned or malnourished children

Project "Stand Up"

Project 'Stand Up Women!' offers an income-generating opportunity for 300 women in Kalehe to farm cassava, ground nuts, pigs, goats and chickens.

How are we helping?


We raise funds to be able to support the work of the charity working in one of the poorest areas on earth. During our visits out there we review opportunities for future opportunities and projects that need financing.


We have been part of a large-scale youth mission in Goma. Sharing the good news! 


We have visited and helped at the school and the separate sewing school that Asdig have set up.

Talking & Listening

Listening to, valuing and caring for the people of Goma and in turn speaking of hope and love form an essential part of how we partner with Asdig.  We have regular prayer sessions for the ongoing work and support by regularly being in contact with the leaders of the work.


Our fundraising walk in support of the work in Goma will run at the beginning of June 2019.  


OneHeart is a ministry of King's Church, set up to support people in the region of Goma in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Over the years we have sent out a team of volunteers to work alongside Bishop Désiré and the charity that he and his wife Claudaline set up, called ASDIG (which roughly translates as 'Action for the integral development of Goma'). We regularly support the charity by partnering in prayer, and e receive encouragement and support from our friends in Goma.  Find more info at


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