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SCM Basics Bank Needs

Our super volunteers at SCM Basics Bank venues across the city have given out 6,379 4 day food parcels, whilst Marketplace members have made 1,675 visits to shop and enjoy friendship and community together. It's hard to convey the quantities of food we're distributing, but it's certainly leaving the building quicker than it's coming in. Our stocks for nearly all food and toiletries are either gone or very low and we're back to having to purchase food in bulk every week to keep up with demand. Please do encourage your church family to continue to donate food if they're able to. Could you hold a special one-off collection to help? Almost everything is on our red most needed list. 😱 Here are some ideas for what to buy...

  • Tinned meat e.g. meatballs, stew, curry, chicken in white sauce, hotdogs, ham

  • Tinned potatoes, carrots, peas, tomatoes & sweetcorn

  • Tinned or packet soup

  • Jars of cook-in sauce

  • Keep calm - and donate tea!

  • Packets of noodles

  • Tinned fish

  • Small jars of coffee

  • Tinned rice pudding, custard and fruit

Thank you so much! 


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