Small Groups

Bible overview small group

Bible overview 

This group is focusing on getting a good handle on how the whole bible fits together by looking at an overview of how events unfolded in time order.  

This small group is led by Andy La.


The discipleship group looks at how we can work out our faith in real life.  Jesus put it like this "Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another." This group is a good option for new christians and is typically by invitation only.  If you're keen to join, please get in touch with Simon direct.    

This small group is co-ordinated by Simon S and Clare.

Hot Topics

What's your view on Donald Trump?  End times?  What does the bible have to say about abortion?  What about same sex marriage?  

The Hot Topics group is looking into issues that face us as christians today and offer a chance to delve deeper into what the bible has to say and form our own views.  

The group is co-ordinated by Andy Le and Rich D.  


Practical Evangelism


What is says on the tin... This group is exploring creative ways to tell our friends about the good news of Jesus, and is putting what we're learning into action.      

This small group is co-ordinated by Jif and Angie and meets on Thursday evenings.


A creative group in which you can explore and experiment with photography.  The group will meet fortnightly and will aim to provide a creative space in which people can share ideas, work on projects.  The outlet for this will be a public photography exhibition at the church centre.     

This small group is co-ordinated by John M and meets on Thursday evenings.

World Cuisine

This group is completely different.  Each meeting centres around a meal from a particular area of the world.  This is used to learn about how we can pray for this particular area of the world and to engage in prayer for the needs of each place.     

This small group is co-ordinated by Joy and meets on Thursday evenings.

Out and About

Adventure, the great outdoors, friendship!  These will be mainly weekend activities where we will get out of the house and out into the woods, the forest, the fields etc.  

This term we have walks on 27 May, 24 June and 22 July (more information to follow) and a running group running in a number of different places around the city.