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Aroma - worship nights

Updated: Apr 23

As a bunch of Jesus followers in our city, we love to spend time worshipping God, experiencing his love for us and encountering the presence of the Holy Spirit. This is where we recharge and are refreshed, we experience balance, and we fulfil our life's calling. We know that it's a challenge to prioritise encounter and presence (the aroma room) above strategy, vision, and plans (the boardroom), and this is just one way of doing that as we aim to be the worshippers that God is looking for (ie those who worship in spirit and in truth, John 4:23).

Aroma is a monthly worship event that we host on the final Sunday of each month. Our mission is simple - to spend time breathing in God's presence, soaking in this aroma. There is no recipe. Our worship teams do not rehearse, we do not plan. We do prepare our hearts for encounter, and raise our expectation to hear from heaven. As we do this, we've been joined by friends from other churches, united in this purpose.

All are welcome - 7pm at the King's Church Centre.


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