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Reporting back from our Board Games Night

Updated: Jun 5

We had a fun time at our Board Games night in June - who knew that matching music and album art could make such a fun game for everyone?!

Watch this space for future events.

Our boardgames night follows the following format - come and check out our Board Games store, find a game you'd like to play and enjoy getting to know each other over a historic battle, whilst building a theme park, or trying not to get caught by the police.

If you have a fun game you'd like to play, feel free to bring it along.

What to expect:

- we'll open at 5pm.

- bring your games, and a contribution to a shared meal (eg a savoury dish or a pudding, or some drinks).

- check into the board games store to find a game to play.

- 5pm - 6pm is all age format, where we'll be playing games that kids will be able to join in with.

- at 6pm we'll eat together.

- from about 6:30, we'll have a movie for the kids to enjoy if they're tired of the games, and we'll continue playing more games until we run out of steam!


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