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Life Group Sundays

Updated: Jan 24

Life! Life to the full! (John 10:10)

This is what Jesus promises to us, and our Life Groups aim to provide a supportive framework for life within the church to grow, a place to be intentionally engouraged, opportunities to develop partnerships, to relate more deeply as we live our lives together.

At King's we keep the final Sunday of each month as 'Life Group Sundays', where we do not meet as a whole church together, but we meet separately in each of our life group settings. These groups meet in homes, cafes, outdoors, they share food, friendship, faith and celebrate things that fascinate us in our relationship with God. Everyone within our community has the opportunity to join a life group, and we actively encourage everyone to give it a go and get involved.

There will always be a group meeting at the church centre, so if you've not yet had a chance to join a life group, please feel free to join in what is happening there. If you're interested in joining a life group, please contact Nathan, Miriam or Ellen.

We often share videos produced for Life Groups, which you can catch up with on our YouTube Channel.

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