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The Big Plastic Count

Updated: Mar 19

We see the world around us as an expression of God's incredible creative genius! It's here to declare the glory of God (you can read more in Psalm 19), and one of the roles we have as the human race is to do a good job of looking after the world.

The King's Eco Group (formerly known as Ecobricks) is a group of people who meet regularly, and one of their aims is to help us as a community to look for ways to reduce our impact on the environment, and do a good job of looking after the world. One way we can do this is to be aware of how much plastic we use, as this causes a real problem to our environment in terms of wasted resources, use of hydrocarbons, energy requirements for recycling and damage to our surroundings. We recently have been litter picking in the area and the amount of plastic waste on the streets is staggering (we almost filled a commercial waste bin from 4 teams of people over an hour of litter collecting).

We recently had a go at the 'Big Plastic Count', which is a national campaign raising awareness about the amount of plastic we use without realising it. You can read more details about the campain here.


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